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Camisado Club creates work that is visual and mischievous… in equal parts outrageous, outlandish and uplifting. Our work uses a mix of vibrant text, playful physicality, extraordinary true stories, lovingly crafted soundtracks, slick visuals and fierce looks.

Camisado Club is an associate company of Northern Stage, formed out of the NORTH 2014 residency. The company is made up of eight theatre makers based in Newcastle with eight different experiences and perspectives. We are devisers, writers, actors, artists and one roller-skater. Camisado Club is a powerful ensemble; making theatre that is instinctively collaborative.

A Camisado Club show will always be a riotous event, entertaining and just a little bit dangerous.


“…entertaining and thought-provoking in equal measures”

Broadway Baby

“…intriguing and entertaining…”
Everything Theatre

“…providing a comic and modern twist to storytelling”

The Journal