A roll of honour for our amazing supporters, who have donated their time, expertise, space or hard-earned pennies. Welcome to the club (in no particular order):


The Customs House, South Shields,        The Sunday for Sammy Foundation,        Northern Stage, Newcastle,

Charlotte McMurray,        Aimee Liversidge,        Peter Dillon,

   Sarah and Angus Goudie,        Jon Boustead,        Mick Hurwood,

Wicked Technical Services,        Live Theatre, Newcastle,        Kristin, Mary and Brenda Tansley,

     Frances Easter,        Darren Glencross,        The Letter Room,

Jenny Liversidge,        Amber Mahoney,        Kathy Armstrong,

         Sarah Bird,        Chris Campbell,        Susan Coffer,

  Emma Roxburgh,        Susan Mulholland,        Jonathan Bailey,

Julie Dawson,        Fiona Hunter,        Joanne McKenna,

Gala, Durham,        Phoebe Elliot,        Mark Gerrens,

Julian Fiddimore,        Sarah Wakefield,        Jack Bennett,

   Rajni Shah,        Clare Stone,        Helen Pinkney,

      Naomi RW,        Polly Warren,        Claire Wheat,

        J. Hall,        Kirsty Voy,        Sally Adams,

 Chelsea Talbot,        Sarah Hawkes,        Mixtape Theatre,

Rosie Hewitson,        Samantha Bell,        Wendy Barnfather,

Catherine Moody,        Holly Christie,        Paul James,

Daniel Bye,        Annie Rigby,        Katie Dent,

Amy Fawdington,        Claire Robinson,        Kylie Lloyd,

Clare Overton,        Kylie Ann Ford,        Sisley Henning,

Zoe Murtagh,        Michael Addison,

and all those who donated anonymously.

 For your own Honorary Club Membership, visit our Support Us page.

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