October 13, 2014

8 Cups of Tea, 8 Pairs of Hands and 8 Heads!

8 Cups of Tea

This week it’s been fantastic to come together as a company drink lots of tea and don our creative hats on, weather in a dressing room, a van, a rehearsal room or a performance space. This week we have been rehearsing Stan (on loan from The Letter Room) into the role of Lance for our London shows, performing at Slung Low’s, The Hub and pitching for our next show.

We are always striving to find a balance between work and play. As a group we find ourselves working in different cities, with different artists and developing our practice. Each time we come together it’s amazing to see the how the groups confidence in new skills has grown and how we are learning to best work as a unit. This week between has been no exception as Luca has been devising with Manic Chord, Lauren rehearsing with Thrive Theatre, Jess honing her editing skills and creating our trailer, Adam continuing to Stage Manage for Greyscale, Bob busy touring with TSF, Jamie and Caroline developing their one man shows, and I have been Venue Managing for Shakespeare Schools Festival.

8 Pairs of Hands

10698395_10152276244770194_3497647702133316147_nWe met bright and early (very early) at Northern Stage, piled into a Van, a Kan and sent Adam and Jamie off to the train station. Set packed, techys – Sian and Tory on board, radio on we set off. Excitedly we headed down the A1 to Leeds. On arrival at The Hub we were greeted by the lovely Porl and offered cups of tea before being shown the space.

We visited back in April and have been looking forward to performing in the venue ever since. There is something magical about the quirky venue tucked under a railway arch, even the toilet is like no other, disguised in a garden shed. I have to admit I was slightly nervous that I may be weeing in an installation but was reassured that this wasn’t the case.

We set about unl10690145_10152276244730194_4483598348546667110_noading our set, 10 pairs of hands makes it a quick and easy job, equally true putting up the tables and spiking the stage. As the space was slightly narrower than other venues we were performing the one table version so spent the morning reminding ourselves of any adjustments. Sian and Tory conquered the sound system and lighting desk and Adam buzzed around rigging lights, adding gels and making all technical things look easy. (I really think he is a technical Wizard).
Rehearsals done, tea drunk and costumes on we were ready! Performing at The Hub was great fun, we had a lovely audience made up of friends, family, and some new faces. The performance space was intimate and it allowed for a connection with the audience, giving a history to the 10414645_10152276244550194_4062046782746058121_npiece. It almost felt like we had gathered a group of people together to share a story that had been passed through generations. A tale that held a message, something we felt compelled to share, a warning perhaps or something more rousing.

After the show we chatted with our audience, packed up in record breaking time and enjoyed a beverage in the eclectically furnished Hub bar. What a fantastic day in a wonderful space. It was time to pile back into our many forms of transport and head back up the A1 for a well earned rest. Already we were looking forward to our next visit.

Thankyou so much for having us.

8 Heads

20141011_115405Working as a company of eight has proven this week to have it’s benefits, eight creative responses to an idea, eight solutions to a problem, eight pairs of hands sharing the heavy lifting and eight people to send out invites. As a group we are learning to utilise our strengths and ask for help and attempt to learn from our weakness. There are eight brains working to get the admin done and help us run as efficiently and sufficiently as possible ready for the final venue of our autumn tour, New Diorama, London. We are excited to be spreading our North Eastern wings and taking Send More Paper to a new audience. Watch out London…here we come!

The one thing we are finding about having a large company is that it’s rather tricky transporting us, our set and our marvelous technicians without some head scratching, budget making and fundraising. Here comes the time that we need to ask for your help. As much as we like to fund ourselves and cover costs for this next part of our Autumn tour we really do need your assistance.  Please help us get down to London and back by sharing our WeFund page or adding a donation, every penny counts and will go towards such things as, van hire, fuel, insurance and marketing costs to name a few. It would be a mammoth task for one person, between eight people it would be a struggle but with your help we’re confident we can raise the funds and get to London! Join the Club and help make it possible!

Check out our WeFund Video to find out more.

We really appreciate your support, many thanks to those that have already shared and donated.