I’m having a great time at the Fringe.
Perhaps it’s more interesting to read about my trials and tribulations but other than the expected tiredness, cramped living conditions and monotonous flyering there isn’t cause for complaint. I’m living with a company of like minded artists, performing a show I’m proud to have been a part of devising and seeing lots of theatre. Some excellent some…not.
On Tuesday we went to see Translunar Paradise by Theatre Ad Infitium. Bob recommended the show from seeing it in 2012, but would that stand up five years later? I didn’t have any expectations, there was a big queue so that gave me hope of something good.
My goodness, I don’t think I’ve seen a show that has pulled me in so quickly. All three performers, two actors and one musician worked in harmony to effortlessly and delicately take us on a journey of a couple’s journey into old age. A beautiful wordless piece of storytelling that held the entire audience in a heightened silence, hot salty tears running down our cheeks for 75minutes. It felt strangley and beautifully intimate.
One of the strangest aspects of Edinburgh Fringe is the sheer amount of the shows that you can see in one day and the mad dash between venues. There often isn’t the time to reflect on a performance or enjoy a discussion about the finer points of it over a pint. Instead after Translunar Paradise our company scuttled down the stairs, out into the sunny, jam packed Pleasance Courtyard, wiping tears from our face. We spilled out onto the street and 5 minutes up the road, handing out flyers as we went. Piling into Zoo venue we donned our costumes, headed down the stairs and burst into the Monkey House space, boxes, stools and mics set and the house music began. All in all we had under 40 minutes from Translunar paradise ending and our show beginning. My emotions had been whipped up and breath and heart rate were only now regulating. It was a whirlwind, a shared company experience. Can’t say I would recommend it as the best way to see any show but equally it felt like an Edinburgh rite of passage, a true embracing of the fringe.

With a few days left here I’m excited to see more shows, perform to a growing audience and discover what else the Fringe has in store.

I would strongly recommend you see Translunar Paradise if it hasn’t already sold out and handily our show is a mere 45 minutes afterwards and just up the road. Do pop along to Zoo Venue at 5.45pm, we would love to offer you a contrasting show. A science, fact, love story!


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