About Us

Camisado Club creates work that is visual and mischievous…

…in equal parts outrageous, outlandish, and uplifting.

We use a mix of vibrant text, playful physicality, and lovingly crafted soundtracks.

Camisado Club is a powerful ensemble, making theatre that is instinctively collaborative. 

We make fierce and playful theatre that has big and complex ideas at its heart.

We delight in making work for our own generation, for those grappling with an uncertain future and attempting to make sense of a world out of our control.

We are an ensemble of theatre maker with different experiences and perspectives – we are devisers, writers, actors, artists, and one roller-skater. 

A Camisado Club show will always be a riotous event, entertaining and just a little bit dangerous. 

Camisado Club is proud to be based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Formed in 2014, the company is continually developing, learning, and on the hunt for opportunities to share skills and meet new collaborators.