A Colourful, Glitter-splattered cocktail of high art and low morals

Never meet your heroes, they say.

Tonight, Ella might stay home in her pyjamas. Or she might go out, drink free fizz and fall down the rabbit hole – into the tantalising warren of a world she’s always longed for.

Ella just needs a chance, a shot, a platform and maybe tonight is the night. A party, a chance meeting, doors, choices. 

Ella was bored… and then suddenly she wasn’t.

But at the centre of it all is him. You know the type. You remember his name. And somewhere, quietly, a red-lit chamber is filled.

Camisado Club take aim at patriarchy and power structures in a colourful, glitter-splattered cocktail of high art and low morals. Re-framed and reclaimed, this is Bluebeard.

“Such a thought provoking show about power struggles, self doubt, flirting with self destruction and the realities of the spectacularly mundane elements of life…..

I laughed a lot, I felt really uncomfortable in moments, I identified…

It’s given me a lot to think about on the walk home….”

The Culture Vulture

“a garish and glitter-soaked morality tale, a post-MeToo retelling of the classic tale, dissected by a scalpel-sharp script and reclaimed with a feminist gaze…

Filled with visual inventiveness, dark but also raucously funny…

One not to be missed by a young company of genuine promise.”

Exeunt Magazine

“It’s the sort of piece which stays with you and works away in the background in your mind long after it has finished.”

British Theatre Guide


A Camisado Club show

Devised and performed by the company

Directed by Jack Cooper

Adapted by Jack Cooper and Samantha O’Rourke.

Written by Samantha O’Rourke

Designed by Natalie Johnson

Photography by Von Fox Promotions

Image Design by Aimee Liversidge

Special thanks to Becci Sharrock, Pippa Anderson, Rosa Stourac McCreery, and Kate O’Connor.

Created in association with Northern Stage, with support form MGCFutures, Unity Theatre Trust, and Arts Council England.

An earlier version of BLUEBEARD was developed in 2017, culminating in 2 preview performances at Northern Stage.


Written and devised by the company

Directed by Jack Cooper

Assistant Director – JG Tansley

LX and Stage Management – Becky Glendinning-Laycock

Artistic Associate – Nick Bagnall

Photography by Von Fox Promotions

Arrangement of Blondie’s Rip Her To Shreds by Katie Doherty

Original music written by Bob Nicholson and Caroline Liversidge

Supported by Northern Stage, MGCFutures, Arts Council England, Unity Theatre Trust