October 26, 2014

Every Little Helps

We are raising money. Hopefully, it hadn’t escaped your attention. We are raising money to take our show, Send More Paper, to New Diorama Theatre in London. The big smoke.



I think it’s true to say we are very excited to be taking Send More Paper to London. Only ten months ago it was a twinkle in our collective eye and now it has been on a small tour of the North East, had a resplendent one night stand in Edinburgh and a joyous Sunday evening at the HUB in Leeds. In that time the set has broken, the wheels have come off, the lights have gone out and the buttons have popped off (maybe that’s just me, I can’t speak for everyone).


We’ve had ALOT of help from Northern Stage and everyone who sails in her, from the venues we’ve been to, from Dep Arts and the Sunday for Sammy Foundation. Now you could add your name to that list.

So, if you find some spare change down the back of the sofa, a pound you forgot about rattling around your jeans – send it our way. You’ll be helping to send a North East theatre company to London to show them how it’s done. In fact, technically, you’ll be sending two North East theatre companies to London because unfortunately I can’t go (I’m touring with Theatre Sans Frontieres in David Almond’s Heaven Eyes, if you have children, or even if you don’t, come and see it). So, stepping into my white(ish) linen suit is the brilliant Stan of The Letter Room fame.

I hope this doesn’t sound like begging and no, no donkeys will be saved by your donation but the North East and its proud, magnificent voice will be represented in London. We’ll do a good job, I promise.


We realise times are hard, so if a donation is out of the question, you can help us in other ways – you know those tweets and posts we keep doing that make you shout “OH! SHUT UP ABOUT WEFUND!”? You could retweet and share them with your (rich) friends:

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With gratitude,