January 11, 2015

Happy Birthday to us!

Well, hello and a Happy New Year to you.

It’s been a little while since we last blogged.  Here at the Camisado Clubhouse, a different kind of industriousness has been upon us.  We’ve been beavering away, quietly, calmly and with small, secretive smiles on our faces.

You see, this month marks Camisado Club’s 1st birthday.



It also happens to be the same day as wor Lauren’s birthday.


Happy birthday Lozzle!

That isn’t to say that we’ve been planning a party and baking cakes all this time. No, we’ve been hatching plans.  We’ve been talking in hushed voices. If you were eavesdropping you might have been able to make out something on the lines of this:

“Whisper whisper whisper… six billion kilometres away… whisper whisper… Golden record….whisper whisper whisper… we’re TINY!”

You might have also heard:

“Mutter mutter… workshops… mutter mutter… education plan… mutter mutter…”

Or you might have heard:

“Doesn’t Caroline remind you of Jonathan Creek?”

No.  She doesn’t.

So, 2015 is off to a flying start with our calendar slowly but surely filling itself up.  It’s going to be a cracker!

We’re welcoming our new baby brothers and sisters, NORTH 15 and following their antics with fascination.  We’re looking at new ways to engage audiences and develop as a company. We might even be working on a new show… OK we ARE working on a new show; look out for our announcement this Spring.

And while we’re looking forward, we’re also having a nostalgic, rose tinted peek back at the last 12 months. NORTH 2014

We met tons of local venues, companies, theatre-makers, producers and directors.  We travelled (almost) the length of the country from Bonnie Edinburgh to Old London Town.  We performed with local artists at GIFT, buried each other in the sand at South Shields and learned that some of us have telepathy skills when it comes to dealing with tables that don’t want to stay in one piece. We’ve “Made our Mark” with the Paper Birds, saw Midday to Midnight with Alphabetti Theatre, we “Met the Programmers” of the North East, and Sent More Paper all over the place.

In December 2013, I said to myself, “2014 is going to be MY year.” And by George it was!  Amazingly, my premonition came true, and I had the best year of the 20-odd I’ve had on the planet so far.  Of course, it was a self-fulfilling prophesy.  I’d said it was going to be my year and gosh darn it I was going to make sure it was!  All thanks to the people helped to make it my year, of course.

The only trouble is, now I’ve lived a year that is MY year, and really bloody enjoyed it, I don’t want to be living any more years that aren’t MY year.

So, I’ll say it here and hopefully it’ll come true.  2015 is going to be OUR year.  Camisado Club, at the grand old age of 1 year old, is going to grow from baby to toddler.  We’re going trample all over the arts cuts, throw our teddy bears at funding troubles, gurgle indignantly at depressing general elections and flick bits of mashed up Farley’s Rusks at apparently unreliable left wing arts policies and we shall reach age 2 with new teeth, a more stable walk and a widening vocabulary and sense of self.  Do you know why? Because 2015 is going to be OUR year.

We’re not selfish, though.  We’ll share.  2015 can be YOUR year, too.


Caroline (AKA Jonathan Creek, apparently)