September 29, 2014

Launch Pad

Hi all,

Lauren here blogging from the stunning Carbis bay in Cornwall. Eeee it has been an exciting week of planning preparing, filming and editing.

Carbis Bay

We have been working hard preparing our Wefund page to help fund our Autumn Tour. It is proving rather pricey to tour 10 people to The Custom’s HouseHUB, and New Diorama in London so any pennies you could spare would be massively appreciated!! Your money will help pay for our insurance, travel, accommodation, autumn print and van hire to name a few. Moreover we are wanting to start as we mean to go on and pay our wonderful techies and the wonderful Stan who will be standing in for the brilliant Bob at New Diorama. We have all worked for free and are determined that no one will have to do that for Camisado Club. Please visit our Wefund Page thank you so much!

We are unbelievably excited to launch our new shiny website this week. The fantabulous Charlotte has done a stunning job thank you so so so much! She has been so patient as we have deliberated Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 10.43.22and gone back and forth over logos, colours, the right pictures to use etc. Charlotte you are a star and we really could not have done it without you. Look out for it this week…

We have spent many an hours in the AV room editing our trailer, this has proved more tricky and time consuming then we first imagined. I haven’t been in Newcastle for the last few days so an almighty shout out and thank you to the rest of the gang whom have been going to NS between shifts and after work to get it finished and perfected. Thank you!!

Now usually I sit here procrastinating, wondering what to write about and tell you. However this week I feel compelled to write to you. Actually this week has been a great week however last week I felt the need to write and although it is now slightly out of date, it got me thinking and I would like to share it with you. These are all my own views and musing I really hope no one feels patronised or anything they are just some things I have been thinking about  and needed reminding of myself.

It is the day before the Referendum and I feel a heady mix of both excitement and anxiety. I spent a lot of time in Scotland last week and in Glasgow there is a real sense of hope and excitement. A tangible buzz and happiness and a belief in creating a better, fairer place. It was hugely inspiring and I feel privileged to have witnessed it. However I also feel a sense of sadness; a sadness I can’t quite put my finger on. I love Scotland, I am a 1/4 Scottish, I had a wonderful year, met some incredible people and fell in love in Scotland so where does this sense of sadness come from? I’m genuinely not sure. A sense of not being part of it? An anxiety about change? A sense of having no control over something big that genuinely matters? An anger at myself in not being more educated in the matter and therefore not being able to passionately fight for what I believe in? Being unsure of what I believe in? It has made me question why I haven’t, laziness? feeling overwhelmed? No time?  Like I said I’m genuinely not too sure. maybe a mixture of all the above. But it got me thinking about decision making and taking action.

We are constantly making decisions. From the most simple tiny ones to some pretty epic ones. I go on my gut, my heart, my head and my mood. The decisions we make are important and maybe this week I haven’t made the best ones. Now forgive me I am not trying to preach or patronise anyone but rather just share some of the things I have observed and learned.

I have learned I need to question more; if you feel something isn’t fair or you don’t agree with it. Question it. Hopefully many a positive things will come from that, but regardless of whether the other person takes it well or not you will still make discoveries.

Often I don’t think there is a definite right or wrong decision maybe a more positive or constructive one but not categorically right or wrong. Be courageous in your decision and trust your gut! Every time I have ignored it I have regretted it.

Trust your instinct and your gut but also do your homework ( something I haven’t always done recently). I have felt a lack of purpose this week and I think it’s because I have just let things happen without taking action or bothering to do my research and have ended up feeling lazy and directionless.

Be open. Chat to those who share similar views . But make time and space to speak to those with other views. I have had some of the most fascinating chats recently with people with very different views.

Like acting be courageous in choices and commit to them. I have definitely lacked courage at times last week and have been left feeling wishy washy and drifty. Act on your decisions if you have an email you need to write to said director, bloody do it (note to self!) There is a huge possibility something good will come from it, but the situation won’t change without action.

And finally my bloody brilliant, crazy, one-of-a-kind Gran says you need three things in life for happiness; 1). something/someone to love, 2). a goal and 3). something to look forward to.

So if like me you’re felling a little low right now make a goal and then set up actions you need to do to achieve it. Also hold your nerve and play the long game; little positive actions over time = success. Inaction is the worse thing to do; do something, anything no matter how small. Work on an accent, draft an email, see a play, anything but do something!

Good luck! and remember it’s okay to feel lost/low  sometimes (sometimes I forget that).

And finally please remember to look out for our new website and if you can spare any pennies for our Wefund we would massively appreciate it! This Sunday we head to the amazing hidden gem that is the HUB. If you are in Leeds on the 5th October please come down, it would be fab to see you there.

Have a great week!

Big love,