November 10, 2014

London Baby Innit!

Hi Everybody!

It’s Jess here!







(and yes I am wearing 3 jumpers! London was cooooold so I decided to wear all my tops on the journey home).

What a week we have had.  Firstly I just want to say a huge thank you to all who donated to our WeFund. You have no idea how grateful we all are, and how much that money has helped our tour and our company. As emerging artists we have very little to no funds, and there is no way we could have taken Send More Paper to the big smoke without your help! You are such a lovely bunch and we couldn’t have done it without you.  MERCI BEAUCOUP!

So this week (with help from all you WeFund donating chaps) Camisado Club performed Send More Paper at New Diorama



Performing two nights in London was a terrifying prospect and I had so many thoughts running through my head. Will we get an audience? Will everything run smoothly? How do I get to New Diorama? (I am terrible at navigating). But thankfully we ticked all the boxes and I downloaded the city mappers app and everything went so well. To put it plainly I am a proper chuffed Camisado Clubber.


 As we were all waiting behind the tables and listening to the audience arrive we are all struck by a wave of nerves. This is it, our London debut and we all wanted things to go the best they could. We wanted to knock it out of the park. We wanted our tables to survive the run with no breakages. But as you know anything can happen in theatre and of course, it did!

In the midst of the action one of the wheels from the trusty old centre table decided to break at a vital point in the show. Before I knew it something in the air changed and we worked as a team on stage and with a few swift maneuvers we managed to swap the broken centre table with another.

When that wheel broke. I was panicking. We could have all just panicked. But no. We came together as an ensemble and made it work and I was so proud of all my team. I knew they had my back, but sometimes it is these little moments that remind you that (to quote the show) “we’re in this together, but it does take nerve, believe me”.

As the lights came down on the first performance in London and we were met with the sound of clapping and cheering I felt that we had done it and with a bang none the less! I knew that the next most important and vital decision to make next is where are we going to go for a few pints!

I have gained so much from this week and I am not just talking about the horrific flu I have right now as I am writing this (yes, I feel like my face has been run over with a bike) or all the routes you can take to get to Peckham Rye as Lauren and I found out when getting slightly lost for 3 hours on our journey home one night (I personally blame the bonfire night protests as there were road closures!). I have learned that teamwork is vital to any performance and if you don’t have your crew behind you, your fellow performers, your lighting and sound technicians, the venue staff, front of house, the audience even. It just doesn’t work. So thanks to all for being behind us and with us in our London adventure!

Peace out and thanks for reading (sniff, snuff, achoo)

Jess x

1/8th of Camisado Club

P.S Have a look at our roll of honour for all our amazing WeFund donators