September 14, 2014

To Pitch Or Not To Pitch … That is the Question!?

Hi Everybody!

It’s Jess here on the blog. This week 4/8 of Camisado Club have been busy at Meet The Programmers at Live Theatre pitching our show Send More Paper (we even bought a little speaker) and schmoozing outrageously (something I am just getting used to).

We kept our pitch short but sweet and precisely 3 minutes long as we were terrified of hearing the ding of the bell (which means your time is up).

I was also super proud (and slightly jealous) of the rest of the Camisado team at Meet The Programmers with their very own fan-dabby-dosey show pitches. This is what they have been up to.

The splendorous Caroline Liversidge is scared she is a workaholic, but she’s working hard to overcome it.

A Living is about how some of us spend our lives trying to find the perfect balance between making a living and actually living.  An average person will work over 97,464 hours over their lifetime. That’s the equivalent of working over eleven years solidly. Is it worth it?

The show is an honest, funny and intimate piece that draws on real life interviews, home truths and Caroline’s own fear of idleness. Performed by Caroline Liversidge, directed by Anna Ryder. Keep your eyes peeled for future show dates which are to be confirmed.

Thee Jamie Tansley says that there is a dead body on Google Maps. There’s a tiger prowling a petrol station and a father playing with his daughter on a roadside. There’s an old man taking walk and SOS signs from a war torn country. If you know where to look, you can see the most mundanely remarkable things.

9EYES is an examination of our lives. Of our multiplicity and how our digital lives are exposing us. Our digital selves are not something external to reality but a part of it: an invisible yet constantly present layer intertwined with the physical environment. Our humanity is newly visible and tangible.

What exactly does it mean to be human in the digital age? The show aims to highlight ways in which our digital lives are actually making us more human – opening up existence beyond what we can imagine. It has given our empathy and activism new platforms; allowing many of us to be uncensored version of ourselves. But also how it puts us at risk and is exposing us to aspects of ourselves and material that is more than dubious. The seeming anonymity of the digital world allows us to indulge in behaviors which are damaging to ourselves and others.

If we continue to view our digital space as ‘other’, we will be enslaved in a way we never expected. Show dates are to be confirmed but we will keep you posted.

And last but certainly not least the wonderful Luca Rutherford  has a show Learning How To Die which will be performed at the Ovalhouse in London from the 29th October until the 1st November. She is right at the very beginning of her development process and is currently researching, free writing and speaking to many different people to develop her show which will culminate with a showing four work-in-progress performances.

This is what she has to say about it ‘So it is about learning how to die. It is about accepting our own death and looking at our mortality and in doing this looking at the life we have. So it is learning how to live by learning how to die. It is not a show about grieving or being mawkish. I want to challenge the way the western world talks about death. I think that we are scared of talking about it and I do not think this is healthy. I think we only talk about death when it is upon us and this just creates sad conversations. Death is inevitable and in this there is something invigorating and inspiring. We are finite beings and if we remember this we may use our time to the best of our abilities and in a kinder way.’

Also if you missed Camisado Club performing Send More Paper at The Customs House then we have great news for you. We will be performing at SlungLow The Hub in Leeds on Sunday 5th October and also for two nights only at New Diorama Theatre on the 5th and 6th November (cough…book tickets here).

We will soon be announcing a WeFund campaign to ask all you kind folk to help support Camisado Club in taking Send More Paper on an Autumn tour. Any donation would be much appreciated whether it be £1 or 1p. As the old cliche goes ‘every little helps’. We will keep you all posted.

See you soon

Jess x