September 7, 2014

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, Newcastle’s Class And South Shields Is Damn Fun Too

Hello happy campers. It is Luca Puca here.


I am going to tell you all about our week and I hope you find some of it interesting.

First of all…. how are you?

I hope you have had a number of smiles this week.

Thank you for taking the time to sit down, or stand up or position yourself in whatever shape and form so takes your fancy at this present moment and read the following words about Camisado Club. We appreciate your reading time.

Our week….Well it started off with a meeting far from boring. Post Edinburgh we managed to collect our brains and drag them out of their hiding places. We grouped ourselves into a room and stunk it out for a good few hours. Caroline inspired us with Carl Sagan’s words on our universe and the beautiful futility of human existence.

That was Tuesday.

Friday soon rolled into play …along with it our first performance at The Customs House.


Friday morning bright and breezy we arrived at Northern Stage and threw ourselves around in Stage 3.

[Camisado Twins]                Camisado Twins

We were joined for a wee bit by the lovely Mister Calvert who shared his wisdom and direction with us. Midday saw us bumble into a van that we stole from Northern Stage. A The-Borrowers-type-of-steal; we did return it. We battled the satnav and arrived in South Shields to be met by the operatic vocals and warm smiles of Marti.

caroline cami Caimboo

The next five hours were spent teching, setting up and as always hammering away at our precious tables!!


In between the lights, drills and ladders we managed to grab a quick bite to eat. I had a delicious lunch of smoked mackerel…a never ending joy…a lunch that just didn’t want to end…so it lingered…wherever I went, whatever I touched, whenever I opened my mouth in merry conversation everyone was kindly reminded that mickey mackerel had given his life for my culinary delights…much to everyone’s joy.

After a pack of Airwaves seven o’clock soon struck. We jumped into costume and ran around the space. With a good tongue twister or two and a company planking plank off we were ready to go. Seven fourty five and the doors opened as we hid behind the studio curtains for a never-ending fifteen minutes. Then. Bam. Blackout and hello Send More Paper. Smashing. Was great fun and a generously sized audience. Thank you to everyone who brought their face along to The Customs House and parked their derieres on a seat to share those fifty five minuets with us.

Coming Up Next:

We are in the middle of making a trailer for our WeFind to get us down to London for our two performances at the New Diorama Theatre, Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th November. More on this in the next couple of blogs.

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Get your lovely selves down to Northern Stage this week to be  mentally, culturally and socially bamboozled  by I Promise You Sex And Violence.