Send more Paper

An Uplifting Tale About Murder

There is a place where people are dropping like flies.
A place where people change what is possible.
A place where they order a lot of flypaper.

Send More Paper is a true story of joy, mischief, love and deceit. A delicious blend of women, men, murder, sex, murder, love, murder, passion, murder, poison, murder, food and erm, murder. Sound appetising?

Send More Paper takes a darkly humorous look at the grisly true tale of a group of housewives who systematically poisoned their husbands, parents, children and anyone who got in their way.

Tackling gender politics, power struggle, control and what it really means to take action, the show mixes powerful storytelling and a killer soundtrack to tell a sinisterly funny, fast paced tale about making a mark.

Warning: Not suitable for those of a delicate disposition.

Running time: 55 mins

“Send More Paper is a brilliant black comedy that will leave you feeling unsettled… after you’ve stopped laughing.”

Broadway Baby

“There is a distinct simplicity to the show which adds to the intimacy and highlights the clever script and impressive delivery of the cast.”

The Journal

“We’re hooked from the opening scene”

Broadway Baby
Current Show - Send More Paper


Devised and performed by Camisado Club.

Directed by Mark Calvert.

Assistant Director: Meghan Doyle.

Dramaturgy by Susan Mulholland.

Designed by Andrew Stephenson.

Stage Manager: Chloe Ribbons

Photography by Topher McGrillis.

Produced in association with Northern Stage. Supported by The Sunday For Sammy Trust.